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How fast do they go? 


Fast enough.  The vehicles’ top speed depends on tires and road conditions, but on a flat dry road, the mini trucks can get up to 70 mph.


Are they 4WD?


Yes.  Mini trucks often come with 4WD.


What size tires do they have? 


Mini trucks come with 12” stock rims.  Typically, a 23X8X12 all-terrain tire will be used for off-road use. 


Are they legal?


In most states, there are no specific laws regarding mini trucks.  16 of them do have specific laws.  Although these vehicles were not originally intended to be imported to the US, these vehicles qualify to be imported legally due to their age.  Check with your state's DMV to determine if it is possible to register them.


How much weight can they carry/can they tow a trailer? 


The mini trucks have a total payload capacity of 1000lbs.  Assuming there is an adult driver in the cab, the load in the bed should not exceed 800lbs.

Heavier duty front coil springs may be purchased if intending to carry weight in off-road conditions. 


Mini trucks were not intended for towing, but as a general rule, a vehicle should not pull or carry more than its recommended payload capacity.  


Are they gas or diesel?


All of the 660cc engines in the mini trucks are gas.  Occasionally, 2.0 Liter/4 cylinder diesel vehicles will be available. 


Are parts available?   


Yes.  There are a number of US and Canadian based parts websites where replacement parts can be found for mini trucks. 


Do the mini trucks come with hydraulic dump beds? 


More commonly the mini trucks come with fixed beds.  Occasionally a dump truck will be available.  

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